• Freshman or Sophomore student enrolled full-time at the University of Wisconsin - Madison

  • Minimum GPA of 3.5 with demonstrated finance experiences and a strong passion for global markets

Spring 2022 Application Timeline

Applications for Spring 2022 are open!

Click here to fill out Spring 2022 application form!

- Tuesday, 1/25: Application Opens at Noon

- Friday, 2/4: STAM Diversity Session

   Session starts at 6:00pm in Grainger Hall room 4151

- Friday, 2/4: Information Session

   Session starts at 6:30pm in Grainger Hall room 4151

- Wednesday, 2/9: Application Closes at 11:59pm

- Sunday, 2/13: Final Round Interview Day

   Selected interviewees will be notified by 6:00pm on 2/11

- Sunday, 2/20: First General Club Meeting

Who we Look For

Qualities of students that make a good fit for STAM.

STAM recruits highly self-motivated, creative-thinkers with an unmatched passion for analyzing Global Markets, hoping to gain a career in 1) Sales & Trading, 2) Equity or Debt Capital Markets and 3) Investment Management. 

What we look for on the resume: minimum 3.5 GPA, sophomore status, diverse experiences (professional finance experience is a plus, although not necessary), creative interests, involvements in clubs or student orgs, and majors in Finance, Accounting, Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering and other more quantitative fields of study.


What we look for in the interview: personal and demonstrates strong understanding of strengths and weaknesses, understanding of basic economics, asset classes, indices and markets, demonstrates a strong interest in joining STAM and intent to recruit into one of the three main career fields, and opinions on stocks / indice movements. 

Application Process

Required application materials and how to submit your application.

Submit your application and the below materials through this Google Form


- Resume (see this document for tips on format)

- Unofficial transcript (go to My UW, Student Center, Academic Records)

- Cover letter responding to the following prompt (see this document for tips on format): 

  Why do you want to be a member of STAM, what skills do you hope to gain, what is your ideal internship or    career, and what is an interesting stock or trend in the market you've been following and what did you learn?

If you are experiencing troubles accessing the Google Form, please submit all completed materials to