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The Sales & Trading and Asset Management Club (STAM) at UW


Our club was created by highly successful alumni with a passion for helping students land internships and careers in the four core areas of finance that we strive to teach members. STAM was created to equip motivated students at the University of Wisconsin - Madison with the skill and resources needed to obtain, and succeed in, an internship and career within Sales & Trading and Asset Management. 

STAM meets each Sunday at 2:00pm CT in the Wisconsin School of Business (Grainger Hall) for approximately one to one and a half hours for the duration of the semester. At each meeting and throughout the semester, new members can expect the following:

  • New members must update the Executive Board on weekly market commentary, movement of major equity indices and rates.

  • Selected member will be responsible for presenting a brief equity or credit pitch given certain client objectives (e.g. to protect against inflation) and updates on any IPO issuances.

  • Powerpoint lectures given by the Executive Board and guest speakers covering the following topics: equity and credit research and trading, options trading, overviews of the commodities and foreign exchange desks, economics and Fed policy, and more.

  • Access to research databases including Bloomberg and FactSet, hands-on Bloomberg Terminal trading & Trading simulation.


In addition to STAM's technical curriculum, students receive professional development including: resume workshops, networking tips, insight into recruitment processes at individual banks, open internship applications, and mock interviews with new members and seniors in the club who have placed into S&T. 

Outside of weekly meetings, STAM holds an annual trip to New York City each January. This office trek allows students to engage with alumni and other contacts at various institutions (Goldman, Barclays, BTIG, BMO Harris, etc.) to see firsthand what it is like to work a career in finance. 

Interested in joining our club? Application Open Now

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